Read This if You Have No Goals

In an age of hustle culture with a major emphasis on constant productivity, it’s no wonder that burnout and mental health crises plague people everywhere. When we’re told our worth is directly related to our output, it creates feelings of defeat and frustration alongside the never-ending task lists that cannot be completed. Similarly, when overwhelm […]

How to Find Passion in Your Job

When we are young, we are commonly asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Usually, our answers were met with excitement, wonder, or sometimes uncertainty. Some people seem to know their passions and aspirations early on, while some of us remain uncertain or take longer to discover them. If […]

5 Creativity Hacks to Restore Inspiration

Believe it or not, most jobs require creativity. In a sense, we are all the artists of our own lives,including our careers. For example, think of how many salespeople exist in the world. Whileproven sales methods can be effective, it still takes creative thinking and methods to stand outand secure the deal. Even athletes put […]

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