Frequently Asked Questions

HJG Staffing

Who is HJG Staffing?

HJG Staffing began in 2002 in Irving, Texas with the mission to discover elite candidates for clients and the best possible match for both. With an emphasis on flexibility, our agency prioritizes your needs and works diligently to ensure your voice is heard. Our ultimate goal is offering you the best staffing solutions.

Building a foundation of trust and communication is our philosophy, and professionals are available every day to offer assistance, encouragement and support. Quality applicants are provided with first-rate benefits, and your personal recruiter is not only a coach and support system, but also your human resources department.

20 years in the staffing industry has allowed HJG Staffing to evolve, while utilizing optimum industry strategies. Our premium technological resources combined with unparalleled coaching and training provides a one of kind staffing experience.


When is HJG Staffing office open during the work week?

HJG office is open Monday-Thursday at 8:30am and Fridays at 9am.

How do I contact HJG Staffing after working hours?


After hours, you can call and leave a voicemail on the general voicemail box at 972-717-3890 24/7 or contact our direct recruiter on their cell phone.  



What if I have more questions not answered on this FAQ page?

You can call HJG directly at 972-717-3890 to speak with a recruiter. We also have a HJG chatbot on the Candidate Portal that is always being updated with new information.

To get started with the chatbot:

1.       Navigate to

2.       Click View All Available Positions

3.       On the Candidate Portal page, click the message icon at the bottom-right of the screen.



Human Resources

Who should I contact when I have HR-related questions? 

You can email or call (972) 717-3890.



Who should I contact when I have Payroll-related matters?

You can email or call 972-717-3890.


What day of the week does HJG Staffing pay employees?

Payday at HJG Staffing is Thursday.


What payroll company does HJG Staffing use?

HJG uses ADP payroll at


If I get locked out of ADP, how do I restore my access?

You can reset your password on the ADP website. If that does not solve this  problem, please email or call 972-717-3890.


How do I access my pay stubs. How can I see benefits and tax deductions to my pay?

To see your pay stub, navigate to and login to see your pay stubs.  First time users with HJG should choose to Create a new account and choose to be found via phone number or email address.  If you have used ADP with a previous company, you will require a Personal Code, please email or call 972-717-3890.


Who do I contact if I want to switch from direct deposit to paper checks?

Please email or call 972-717-3890.


Who do I contact if I want to start/stop Direct Deposit or change the amount directly deposited into my bank account?

Please email or call 972-717-3890.


When are benefits deducted from pay?

If you are set up for benefits, your medical benefits are deducted every paycheck each week.


If my wages are being garnished, when is that taken out of my pay?

Please contact to discuss this further. For your reference, here is the Department of Labor’s definition of a Garnishment: “


Who do I speak with about If I would like to discuss my current pay rate and questions about raises?

For this, please speak directly to your recruiter by either sending an email or calling the contact number for them. You may also contact HJG Staffing at 972-717-3890 to be directed to your recruiter.


What should I do if I have not received my paycheck?

Please email or call 972-717-3890. Please note that some banks may take up to 24 hours to process direct deposits.


Does HJG have a referral program?


Yes, please have your referral email their resumes to and make sure they mention your name.  Once your referral works a total of 80 hrs on an HJG assignment, you will receive a giftcard from HJG. 

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