Is AI going to take all of the jobs away?

In 2016, Award-winning American author Neal Shusterman published Scythe, a young adult science fiction novel. In the world of Scythe, humanity handed an Artificial Intelligence control of everything in the world. Everything. Food production, economics, health and science, and the storage of all knowledge, It had the perfect ability to account for every problem that […]

Your social media account could make or break your job search

Social Media is about getting to the point quickly. So here are the major takeaways right at the top: When your parents were looking for a job, employees being online wasn’t really something that most employers were concerned about. Now, an online presence is critical to job searching and hiring. Job sites like LinkedIn and […]

2024 Job Hunting Tips for Recent Grads (and everyone else, too)

Quick tips to start your 2024 job hunt Navigating the job market can be challenging even for seasoned professionals with a degree and years of experience. As a new job seeker, here are some valuable tips to help you kickstart your career. (The best one is at the bottom, in our humble opinion).  Build your […]

The Importance of Doing Nothing

When was the last time you paused your schedule to do absolutely nothing? And what does ‘doing nothing’ even mean?  The idea of allotting time for nothingness evokes different reactions. For some, it’s a welcome time to rest and recharge; for others, dedicating time for nothing feels uncomfortable and even jarring.  In a culture rooted […]

Acclimating to Your New Job: Tips & Considerations

Starting a new job can be an exciting and welcome change. Like any fresh experience, nerves and discomfort are completely normal and signify a period of growth. A new job, role or responsibility can significantly impact your life, and starting this journey on a smooth note can ease nerves and set the tone for your […]

Languishing: What is It & What’s the Cure?

In the midst of a Covid-stricken world, many people began to feel an air of mystery. It wasn’t necessarily depression, but it wasn’t hope or positivity either. Rather, this feeling is what is known as languishing. In 2021, The New York Times described languishing as “the neglected middle child of mental health. It’s the void […]

Networking Tips for Introverts

Job searching and networking often go hand in hand. At its core, networking is making or using connections to assist in the job searching process. While this skill comes naturally and easily to some, for others, it can feel like a hassle or even uncomfortable. Everyone has a different capacity for socializing and human interaction, […]

Read This if You Have No Goals

In an age of hustle culture with a major emphasis on constant productivity, it’s no wonder that burnout and mental health crises plague people everywhere. When we’re told our worth is directly related to our output, it creates feelings of defeat and frustration alongside the never-ending task lists that cannot be completed. Similarly, when overwhelm […]

How to Create Opportunities for Yourself

We are often our own harshest critics.  Self-doubt and imposter syndrome can cloud our minds and make us question if we are worthy. How do we seek & create opportunities if we don’t believe we deserve them? Similarly, even if we do believe we deserve positive opportunities, how do we find them? Success looks different for everyone. Sometimes,  without always realizing […]

Unmasking at Work (For Neurodivergent Individuals)

Conditions such as ADHD and Autism fall into the neurodivergent category. According to Forbes, “Neurodivergent is a non-medical umbrella term that describes people with variation in their mental functions, and can include conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other neurological or developmental conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).”  It is estimated that 15-20% […]

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