For many of us, the arrival of the autumn season ignites a sense of comfort, mystery and ultimately, change. In certain places, visible changes fill the air: the transformation of green leaves into orange, red and golden hues, crispness in the air, and the shift of the setting and rising sun. Allie, a baker, says, “Even though Autumn is one of my busiest working seasons, I always start the season with decluttering my space and making piles for donations if necessary. It’s an amazing way to shed actual clutter and emotional weight.” The transition from summer to fall can serve as a great reminder for us to reevaluate and reset our lives, ultimately enhancing positive self-growth. Today, we will explore different ways to rejuvenate your life at your job this Fall.

1.   Declutter your work space:
This won’t apply to every job, but if you have a desk or designated space, take a moment to declutter and organize. This does not have to be an extreme clean out; even throwing away old papers or organizing your pens can serve as a reset. According to mental health match, “Organizing allows you to clear your space emotionally- you can experience closure by purging items that you no longer need, or that are weighing you down. Organizing allows you to experience feeling more grounded in your space- you can feel more at ease and less stressed in a home that is clutter free.” Another idea is taking 5 minutes every morning to prep your space. You’ll be amazed at the results.

2. Meditate:
You’ve heard this a million times, but there’s a reason meditation is suggested on every mental health list. In a similar way to removing physical clutter from your space, practicing presence is decluttering your mind. How often do you find yourself slipping into the past or future? It’s easy to think of the past, either fondly and/or sadly. It’s also easy to daydream about the future and what could happen. Even though it’s natural, when we do this, we clutter our mind with distractions. Meditation is simply taking even a few seconds to pay attention to your thoughts and guide yourself back to the present. Even practicing a couple times a day will increase your awareness over time.  

3. Be Intentional:
Setting daily goals and intentions can be life-changing. You can mentally determine a goal and intention or write one down. An example of an intention could be: “I want to practice actively being a team player today,” or “I will practice being assertive today.” Whatever it may be, reminding yourself of your daily purpose boosts internal morale and promotes a fresh mood. Some people prefer setting a different intention every day to maintain a fresh and curious perspective. Taylor, a retail manager, says, “I like setting intentions, because it gives me something specific to focus on that day. So if I find myself feeling bored or uninspired, I remember my intention for the day and shift my focus.” You can start off by setting one simple intention for the day, week, month, etc. See if your perspective shifts.

4. Personalize:
This is your life; personalize it as much as you want! Of course, there may be restrictions on certain things, but adding your own twist matters. If you’re able to personalize your space, take a moment to evaluate what’s there now and what you would like to see. “I have a very tiny water fountain that creates a relaxing ambiance,” says Jade, an accountant. Most of us spend 1/3 of our lives at work. We may as well create an atmosphere we like. You can even personalize other things, like your lunch. Packing your favorite snack or meal personalizes your day and gives you something to look forward to.

5. Get Outside:
Receiving natural light is important for melatonin production, which is responsible for making us sleepy. A lot of us work indoors, staring at a screen. Stepping outside even for a couple minutes a day can be an improvement. It also acts as a mini reset for that day. “During my lunch break, I took 5 minutes to stand or walk outside,” says Landon, a counselor. “It made a huge difference in my mood and outlook for the day.”  Furthermore, “A study in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology states In a meta-analysis of ten studies, they found that getting outside—and moving—for as little as five minutes at a time improved both mood and self-esteem.”  You can start small, even going outside for 1 minute and seeing how it shifts your mood.

In many places, when the summer air begins to shift into autumn, we are reminded of change and renewal. It is important that we check in with our jobs and renew and reevaluate our physical and mental spaces. This can make a world of difference in your work life and ultimately your well being.

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