Unmasking at Work (For Neurodivergent Individuals)

Conditions such as ADHD and Autism fall into the neurodivergent category. According to Forbes, “Neurodivergent is a non-medical umbrella term that describes people with variation in their mental functions, and can include conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other neurological or developmental conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).”  It is estimated that 15-20% […]

Post-Covid Workplace Implications

While Covid certainly has not ended, the world has grown accustomed to existing in a pandemic-stricken world. When Corona Virus emerged in 2019, it was mysterious, scary, and unpredictable. While 2019 was only a few years ago, the consequences of Covid were vast. In particular, the way people and businesses were forced to adapt resulted […]

10 Ways to Boost Morale at Work

It has been over 2 years since Covid-19 emerged, and while many of us have adapted to the changes and turmoil of the pandemic, the truth is that it still affects us every day. The loss of loved ones, the “Great Resignation” and the general unknowns of this time can harbor an atmosphere of anxiety, […]

How to Plan Your Career Goals

For some, the idea of planning career goals is exciting and refreshing. For others, the idea is overwhelming and even depressing. “When I was graduating university, it felt like so many people knew what they wanted to do, and I felt stuck and unsure,” says Clyde. While it feels like some people are born knowing […]

Autumn Reset: How to Refresh Your Mind at Work

For many of us, the arrival of the autumn season ignites a sense of comfort, mystery and ultimately, change. In certain places, visible changes fill the air: the transformation of green leaves into orange, red and golden hues, crispness in the air, and the shift of the setting and rising sun. Allie, a baker, says, […]

How to be More Productive at Work

When it comes to work, many of us measure our day by the amount of productivity we achieve. However, distractions and interruptions to the flow of our day can be inevitable. Also, productivity depends on many different factors, including energy levels, motivation, and the ability to break down tasks. Today, we will explore different ways […]

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