During the winter season, holidays are abundant. From Christmas to Hanukkah to Kwanzaa, celebrations, often including gift-giving, abound. Sometimes, the holiday spirit trickles into the office and gift exchanges take place. Co-workers might draw names or conduct a secret Santa arrangement; other times, people choose to bring their own gifts for their team members.

As fun and heartwarming as gift giving in the office can be, it can also feel awkward and difficult to pick a gift. You may not know a co-worker well, and even if you do, you may not know what to gift them. Gift cards are a great and safe option; however, if you’re looking for a tangible gift for the co-worker or manager in your life, follow our office gift giving guide for 2022:

For the Foodie:

Edible gifts are typically a success and luckily, there are many pre-packaged options to ensure safety. Tinned popcorns, cookies and even homemade baked goods are all options. Bakeries like Nothing Bundt Cakes have mini pre-packaged goods at individual portion sizes. The nice thing about this category is that you can find choices everywhere, from grocery stores to bakeries.

For the Pet Owner:

It’s difficult to find a pet-owner who isn’t obsessed with their animal family. This is why pet-themed gifts are sure to be a success! One easy gift idea is picking up a frame and printing a photo of your co-worker’s animal(s). Other companies, like Friendship Collar, offer matching collars and bracelets. From socks with a pets’ face to an ornament of specific animal breeds, creative, fun and thoughtful pet gifts are abundant online and in stores.

Photo from friendshipcollar.com

For the Scent Savvy:

Over time, we learn about our coworkers. If you’ve noticed a co-worker who applies lotion, perfume or uses other scented products, an aromatic gift is the way to go. Choosing scents can be difficult because we don’t always know what other people enjoy. However, sampler kits are perfect for this dilemma. For instance, this essential oil set by Art Naturals offers 6 small samples. Other scented gifts include candles, rollerball perfume and balms infused with different fragrances for various purposes.

For the Coffee Connoisseur:

There’s a high likelihood that at least one coworker in the office loves coffee, and luckily we live in a world with endless coffee gift possibilities. Ground or whole beans, fun/custom mugs, mug warmers and insulated to-go mugs are just a few of the choices. There are also complementary coffee snacks, such as biscotti or coffee cake if you’re looking for an add-on.

For the Jokester: If someone at your workplace loves to joke and laugh, try picking up a lighthearted gift. Games such as Telestrations, Time’s Up and Balderdash have high laugh ratings and are perfect for the fun coworker in your life. Another option is wrapping your gift in a prank gift box. Joke gift boxes include cargo socks and a 3D cheese printer.

For the Reader: Gifts for readers can be vast, which is the good news if your team member loves books. Knowing which book to give your coworker may be tricky, but there are countless accessories that make the perfect gift for book lovers. For instance, quality highlighters, upgraded reading tabs, high end/ fun bookmarks, lie-down glasses and reading lights are just a few choices. There are even candles themed to smell like certain books, like this Great Gatsby candle.

To Say Thank You: Finally, remember that a heartfelt card goes a long way. Sometimes in the busyness of existence, we forget to express gratitude to the people in our lives. Even if we privately give thanks for these people, we may not share this with them. Writing a sincere and kind message on a card can be just as meaningful or even more meaningful than any other gift. It’s important to remember that gift giving does not need to break the bank or cause stress; a card or simple gesture is enough.

Holiday parties and gift exchanges are abundant this time of year. Deciding on a gift or gifts for coworkers can be exciting, but it can also present a challenge, especially if you don’t know your coworker(s) well. However, the task can be accomplished! These categories are generic enough to include a wide range of people, yet personal enough to incorporate the purposeful touch that elevates gift giving.

Happy Holidays from HJG Staffing! We hope you have a safe, peaceful, and restful season.

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