2020 rocked the world in an unpredictable fashion. Individuals, families, schools and the workforce were obligated to adapt accordingly. A month and some change into 2021, predictions have been made outlining how staffing companies can stand out during this new year. One of the major ways to set yourself apart is by practicing what is known as positive disruption. Today, we will take a look at what positive disruption is and how you can apply it to your company’s benefit.

According to Forbes, positive disruption simply means reinventing your company and brand. While the infrastructure and values of your company might have existed for a while, it is always productive and even necessary to reevaluate. HJG Staffing has been in the industry for 18 years, and while we remain committed to our core values, we also aim to evolve with time, technology and the necessities of our candidates and clients.

Because positive disruption is about trying new things, it means that you have the opportunity to become an industry leader by thinking outside of the box. Maybe something you try won’t garner the results you hoped for, but on the flip side, something new could end up setting you apart, maximizing your reach and growth. To start, take a look at your logo and web design. When was the last time it was updated or remodeled? Could areas of your site be changed to enhance user experience? While this method focuses on outside appearances, it is important, because it is the user’s first impression. Brainstorming new ways to present yourself via your website is a basic step to making necessary changes, or even adding something new and unique to your page.

HJG added a blog to our website in 2020. While blogs are nowhere near considered to be a new concept, it was a fresh addition for us in 2020. As a result, it has brought new faces to our page, which allows us a new outlet to connect with others. Take a look at your website and see if there is anything that can add to user experience. Next, communication is key. In an industry built on interaction, staffing is about listening to the needs of others and working towards a solution. Because of this, how you communicate to others is essential. Covid-19 shifted the world and human perspective. During this time, people are drawn to the human element of life, particularly how we join together and support one another during tough times. Therefore, stand out by showing your human side.

Something as simple as showing pictures of the real people behind your company adds a humanistic quality. While posting about job opportunities is definitely okay, there is something to be said about communicating in an honest, caring and uplifting way. One thing that everyone has in common at this moment in history is the pandemic. Adding encouraging quotes, uplifting messages and showing genuine support and empathy to clients, candidates and those interested in your business can shift how others view your company.   Another way to positively disrupt the industry is through supporting your community, especially during COVID-19.

Involving yourself in the community is a lovely way to build relationships and promote an uplifting atmosphere. Ultimately, staffing is about supporting others, so why not start from home. For instance, buying cookies from a local bakery, supporting a local 5k or donating to a good cause are all ways to show your encouragement. Allie, a local bakery owner in the Dallas area decided to use her proceeds for Thanksgiving cookies to donate towards a charity. This genuine act of kindness and support encouraged her community to get involved, because there was an element of helping others.

Volunteering to host a session (even on Zoom) for a job fair at a local school is a great way to involve yourself in the community. Staffing is about connections, and what better way to start than supporting those closest to us.

Next, when it comes to your tangible marketing efforts, be thoughtful. We recently ordered small spray bottles of hand sanitizer. Even though hand sanitizer is around every corner now, it is a necessity. So, if you’re considering handing out or mailing marketing materials, think of what people need. Some websites even sell anti-microbial pens! Ultimately, it’s about continuing the message of support, compassion and assistance, while making life a little bit easier during a tough time.

Finally, if you feel a creative block when thinking of positive disruption ideas, don’t be afraid to collect insight from others. We often get stuck in our own minds. According to Forbes, collaborating with your team “Allow[s] your employees to share their own discovery, innovation and positive disruption. Once businesses, leaders and teams discover their passion for a given opportunity or problem, they can own the journey, bring incredible results and feel more involved in the business (which can also benefit employee retention).” Collaborating minds often generate fresh ideas. Meeting with your team or even conducting a survey can provide insights you may have never realized before.

Ultimately, standing out can happen through various strategies. It doesn’t always have to be extravagant or loud, although it can be. If something doesn’t work, the experience is still positive because it helped you learn something. If something does work, however, you just might set yourself apart while making the world a little bit better.

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