Creating or even modifying a resume can feel overwhelming, tedious, and even dreadful. However, it doesn’t have to be. In 2022, these 5 resume hacks are not only simple but also effective in landing your preferred career.

         1.      Keep It to One Page: Hiring managers do not need to know your entire life story. Highlighting your most recent careers and skillsets is much more effective; plus, one page means less work.

Writing your past three jobs is usually sufficient. However, if you’ve worked a career beyond your most recent jobs that has relevance to the position, it’s okay to mention. Listing your most recent or relevant jobs with a general summary of your responsibilities is enough for hiring managers to get a taste of your qualifications.

Including your educational history, certifications and general attributes is similarly as important. If your resume starts to exceed a page, look for fluff, or unnecessary details/words that can be removed. If you’re having a hard time keeping it to just one page, consider writing a cover letter. A cover letter will allow you to include more details and elaborate.

         2.      Check Out Pre-Made Templates: Your resume can be insight into your personality. It’s similar to how you would show up to an interview in a professional and personal manner, your wardrobe and appearance reflecting your personality and professionalism. Think of your resume template in the same way.

Depending on the job, your resume template might look different. For instance, applying to a creative advertising agency might allow more leeway for an unconventional resume, perhaps with more color or bold elements. Whereas a more formal business setting might prefer a traditional resume. Of course, the choice is ultimately yours, and fortunately it’s easy to find pre-made templates.

Microsoft word has a library of resume templates that you can use for free. If you’re looking for a more unique resume template, websites like Etsy contain options ranging from fun and colorful resume templates to business styles. There are also free resume templates you can find with a quick google search. Even free programs like Canva have resume templates that allow for colors to be edited and elements to be added or removed. The options are endless!

         3.      Utilize Keywords: Chances are, if you’re applying for a job, you fit the criteria. Companies often receive so many resumes that they must find a way to reduce the numbers. Some companies rely on programs that use keyword technology to sift through and gather resumes that use wording from their job posting or website.

Read through the job posting and try to transfer certain words or skillsets from that posting that apply to you. If a job posting lists “Proficient in Microsoft Excel” as a requirement, list this somewhere on your resume if applicable. Another effective keyword hack is reading the company’s website and using words from their site on your resume. For instance, if a company’s website regularly mentions “an atmosphere of wellness and inclusivity,” use these words on your resume in your own fashion. The key is to be sincere; don’t list skills you don’t have or embellish. The trick is to find what resonates with you and include it to your advantage.

         4.      Send Your Resume Directly to the Job Poster or Hiring Manager: Often the people who get what they want are the ones who are not afraid to ask. There is a famous quote that says, “Fortune favors the bold.” In many ways, this is true.

As mentioned previously, hiring managers and companies regularly receive hundreds of resumes. While you might be a perfect fit for the job, your resume might get lost in the shuffle. Therefore, if you can find the hiring manager or job poster on a site such as LinkedIn, direct messaging that person can increase your chances of getting your foot in the door. “Every time I’ve applied for a job, I direct message the hiring manager. I figure if I’m rejected or left without a response, I had nothing to lose but a career to gain,” says Emily, a sales manager.

Messaging the job poster can look like this: “Hi Curtis, I recently submitted by resume for the Executive Assistant position. With my previous work as an executive assistant for the last 4 years, I would love to utilize my knowledge and skillset for your company. Attached is my resume. I look forward to talking soon. Thank you! John”

This action shows ambition and often sets individuals apart from the remaining candidates.

         5.      Utilize Recruiters: The staffing industry has been around for a long time with the main purpose of helping individuals land a job. Plus, it’s free! At HJG Staffing, we love helping candidates find jobs. Temporary jobs often become permanent positions and offer opportunities for personal and career growth. Recruiters serve to help you in each step of the job seeking process.

Reviewing resumes, coaching, one on one phone calls and meetings and acting as liaisons between you and the company are just a few of the many hats recruiters wear. Applying for a job can feel quite overwhelming, and we are here to help ease nerves and answer any questions.

While resume building and the process of applying for jobs can feel frustrating and scary, breaking down the process into manageable steps can help ease overwhelm and doubts. Remember, keep your resume to a page, take advantage of pre-made templates, seek out keywords and turn to recruiters to guide you along the way.

HJG Staffing is a full-service staffing agency in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Proudly serving clients and candidates for 20 years, we believe in moving people forward to their fullest potential.

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