Temporary employment is exactly as it sounds. It is a job for a certain, usually shorter amount of time. Temporary workers may be hired directly by companies seeking shorter-term help, or staffing agencies, like HJG Staffing can assist in placing temporary workers. At first glance, full time employment might seem better, even preferable over temporary employment; however, many have realized that temporary staffing has abundant benefits.

For starters, temporary employment is a great skill set and resume builder. Sarah, a customer service representative, began her position as a temporary employee. “This was my first job out of college. I was nervous, but the idea that the position was temporary was comforting, because I knew it was an opportunity to grow and learn as much as possible.” Sarah went on to work full time as a customer service representative at a different company, but she gives credit to her temporary job for helping her get there. “It was great, because I had the experience already. Companies often seek individuals who have some type of knowledge in the field, so I was thankful for my temporary job.” Temporary employment often builds confidence by giving workers the opportunity to learn a variety of skills. Furthermore, the nature of the job can be a wonderful motivator.

Because temporary positions can lead to full-time employment, they offer a sense of motivation. “I knew there was a chance to be brought on full time, so that motivated me to try my best and learn as much as possible,” says Alex, a visual merchandiser. According to 6Q, “Motivated employees can lead to increased productivity and allow an organization to achieve higher levels of output.” When people have a goal to work towards, their motivation is higher than it would be otherwise. This is not only beneficial for the individual, but of course for the company as well. In this instance, everybody wins.

Other benefits of temporary staffing include immediate work and quick pay. Even with countless job boards and postings, finding work can be difficult and frustrating. Temporary staffing can offer a solution. It is usually immediate, so individuals can start right away without the waiting period. Even if the position is not something an individual wishes to maintain long-term, it can be a filler while that person searches for alternative or full-time employment. Furthermore, temporary staffing often provides quick pay checks, creating the chance for temporary workers to make money fast. Money can be made, and skills can be enhanced while individuals in this instance continue to search for their preferred career.

Lastly, temporary staffing is an excellent opportunity to get to know yourself and your work preferences. Generally, many people go into a profession thinking it’s what they want, only to find out it’s not. With temporary employment, this process can be expedited. You can try a temporary position and find that it doesn’t fit your skillset or personality, or it might just have the opposite effect. Either way, through trial and error, temporary staffing can help you understand yourself on a deeper level. “I had a temporary job as a lab assistant,” says Melody. “I thought it was something I’d love to do full time, but I was wrong. It did teach me that I love organizing, so even though I didn’t love the job, I learned about myself and my natural abilities.” Just because something is temporary and may not work out full time, doesn’t mean it won’t teach you useful life and practical skills.

HJG Staffing has been in business for nearly 2 decades. Our team compiled some advice for those considering or seeking temporary employment.

Camille has worked in the Staffing Industry for 17 years. Her biggest advice when it comes to temporary staffing is, “Give it a real chance: complete your first week, decide if the position is right for you and gives you opportunity to learn or move up. If not, then communicate that with the agency so they can move you to another role elsewhere.”

Rocio says, “Engage and demonstrate reliability by coming on time and working hard; work as if you were a permanent employee and show them you can be part of their team.”

Sally’s advice is, “Try to make the best impression possible because everyone is watching, and it could lead to a permanent role in the company and open up more opportunities.”

Ultimately, temporary employment has many benefits. From enhancing skillsets to self-discovery, quick pay to increased opportunities for permanent hire, temporary staffing can be an excellent choice for individuals seeking a job or experience. Our team is available Monday-Friday to help you find your perfect match. Please reach out to us at 972 717 3890, or employment@houstonjackson.com.

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